Louis Walkden is a fantastically creative young man with that I had the pleasure to work with and record while teaching at St Johns College. I continue to work with him to this day. Louis often understands the world through music and songwriting and his lyrics and melodies are some of the most refreshing and original that I have heard.

Resonance Recordings is a record label I created while head of music at St John's College. A specialist college for people with a range of complex learning needs and disabilities. Here (inclusive of Louis's EP above) is the St John's College Album. This project was co managed by Louis for his Gold Arts Award. These are the original songs of the students at the college written and recorded in one academic year. It is rare to hear such musicality, honesty and humour from students of their age. I am immensely proud of their achievement. Especially due to the challenging nature of their difficulties and their environment. 


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