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Wild Releases!

Mango Mammals is a new record label based in Brighton UK. It is created by disabled artists, for disabled artists (as well as disadvantaged ones). Our mission is to break down the boundaries between disability -led and mainstream music scene, locally and nationally.  


We provide a full service for artists from songwriting support, development of an online profile to recording, mixing and mastering. We also produce a video for each project. All proceeds from sales  go directly to the artists. Our goal is to raise awareness of talent and support artist development. 

Following our second single release, the label has developed momentum and interest in Brighton and beyond. With a whole host of new music scheduled to come out over the next year, these are exciting times for our founders, artists and audience. Keep your ears to the ground for the next Wild Release!

Find us at for videos and news and for songs and downloads 


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Its Only Just Love-Luke RadclyffeArtist Name
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Meet our founders and directors...


Barnaby Beck


Louis Walkden

Screenshot 2020-06-11 at 20.20.40.png

Luke Radclyffe

Louis, a singer songwriter and now electronic music producer. He currently  

handles gig promotion and online PR. Check out his back catalogue in the MUSIC tab. 

Barnaby is a drummer by trade, also a songwriter and composer. He is currently the creative lead for upcoming projects and played a key role in launching the label.

Luke's song "Its Only Just Love" was Mango Mammals' first release. He is a singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist. Following his release he has been focussing on editing content and promoting artists 

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