Songwriting is a mystical and beautiful thing. The act of doing so is both cathartic and enriching. Most music sessions with SMS, even if solely instrumental incorporate this in some degree. As a beginner intermediate or advanced musician there is opportunity to become a song writer. From studying the rich history of songwriting styles and techniques to learning tips and tricks to start or finish a piece. Rules which once learnt, can be broken, emotions that were once constrained, released.  Whatever your interest courses are tailored to each student to ensure they get the most out of the process. 

If you are already an artist sessions can take on the role of pre production and artist development. Focussing on growing your online presence and building your fan base and catalogue.

For over ten years I have written and performed original songs, been tutored by industry professionals: Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey), and Steve Hillier (Dubstar) and provided songwriting tuition to students age 12-60 with a wide range of needs and abilities. 


This can also be incorporated into songwriting classes or booked separately. Recording sessions are held at Ben's home studio or remotely (occasionally hiring Small Pond Studios for bigger projects). Which is great for high quality, predominantly acoustic based recordings. Using beautiful microphones: Dual valve SE GEMINI 2 and hand made Ear Trumpet Edwina (more available on request), a Talyor guitar and Korg SV1 valve driven keyboard; a warm and detailed sound can be captured in a relaxed atmosphere. Additional production uses the latest instrument and effect plug ins (KOMPLETE N/I). If you are a singer/songwriter or solo artist looking to record an EP, album or just a few demos then contact me for deals on block bookings or single project rates. Here is a link to some songs recorded at the studio:



Please don't hesitate to call or email if you have more questions
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